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We are no longer able to have our annual cancer memorial poker runs.  However,  we have a multitude of items pertaining to the poker runs or to cancer awareness. The proceeds of all these items will be donated directly to the American Cancer Society.

For the past several  years our store has sponsored a team of 15 walkers for the cancer society's RELAY FOR LIFE to honor our daughter who has been fighting Leukemia since 1992...and winning, I might add....because of the many big hearted, untiring people who have donated their time, energy and money to this worthy cause.  Even tho we can no longer put on the Poker Runs we do not intend to give up our fight to win the battle against this dreaded disease.

The following list of items are available....and please remember: the proceeds will go directly to the American Cancer Society.


We have two new tee-shirts available...that our son & daughter each designed themselves.  Jpgs are available upon request.  One tee has a stick man jumping up & down on the word CANCER (thus, stomping out cancer).

The other design has a variation on the little boy peeing on various items.  This time he is peeing on the word cancer and the design has been changed to him wearing a baseball cap backwards and a tee shirt with our logo on the back.   

These two tee's sell for $15.00 each.  We have various sizes & colors.

We are also carrying these two designs in black on white vinyl window decals.  These sell for $2.00 each.

The proceeds of these sales will go directly to the American Cancer Society's RELAY FOR LIFE as a part of our team fund raiser

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1: Black tee shirts.  Front has a bike and deck of cards.  Says, "GENUINE    BIKER  POKER RUN.  NOW YOU'RE PLAYING WITH A FULL DECK."  Back of shirt has the above logo on it.  $18.00 per shirt. Have lg., xlg, xxlg.

2: Black tee shirts.  Front is an original design with a shovelhead and a hand of cards.  Says, "PLAY FOR A CURE".  On the back of shirt it has the above logo on it.  $18.00 per shirt.  Have lg., xlg, xxlg.

3. Left over run pins in gold & black. red & gold., white & black. blue & gold. All have the logo, etc. on them.  Selling at $2.00 each.

4.  White canvas tote bag, 8 1/4"  X  8 1/2".  The straps are pink,  Front of bag has the breast cancer ribbon logo and says, "SHOW YOU CARE. BE AWARE." The cost per bag is $4.00

5. Comfort contour pens, black rubber finger grip. Blue barrel with an angel in flight. "CURING CANCER IS POSSIBLE" our shop name, etc.  And below that they say, "I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES."  Black  Ink.  $2.50 each.

6. Buttons, 2 inch round. Original designs. Many sayings, "MY FATHER BEAT CANCER" or  "MY FATHER LOST HIS BATTLE WITH CANCER."  We have both sayings for Mother, Grandma-pa, brother, sister, Aunt, Uncle, friend, etc. The buttons are $2.00 each.  Or if you would like it personalized: "FRANK HAS BEATEN CANCER." etc. the cost is $4.00 each.

We can do a price cut on quantity on the buttons if you are having a memorial run.  Feel free to contact us by e-mail.

And PLEASE remember, Cancer can....and does....strike anyone, at any age.  We MUST pull together to win this battle!!  Thank you for any and all donations.  Make checks out to "BEARS BIKE BARN." to purchase above items. 


13919 N.E. 76th Street

Vancouver, Wa. 98682




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