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Honolulu - LULU - Harley Close up view of engraving work


"LULU" was purchased in 1965 from Honolulu Harley in Hawaii while on active duty in the Air Force.

In 1966 the transformation started, taking a basically stock Sporty to what you see here.

The 90 hours of engraving (all in a Hawaiian theme) was done by Elmer Hutchins, of Spanaway, Washington.  Frame sculpture, by Dick Page of Tacoma, Washington.  The final paint job was done by Jack "The Beard" Ruckman of Portland, Oregon.

One of a kind square forks, sissy bar and exhaust system.  Triumph gas tank, sectioned and grafted to the frame.  Both gas and oil fillers are under a wood dash panel. An 8 track stereo fills the space where the original oil tank used to be.

This bike is 11 1/2 feet long!

She has 25 awards to her credit, including "Motorcycle of the Northwest" and a bronze award from the "Grand Daddy" of custom shows - The Oakland Roadster Show.  Several magazine and newspapers have published articles and pictures of her, and she was featured on a TV show in Honolulu.

This trophy winner has way too many custom features to list here.  PS - Yes, the only suspension is in the air pressure in the tires!

Have you seen "Lulu"?  If you've been to some of the good old custom shows over the years, you probably have.  We'd love to hear from you.  Tell us where and when you saw her.  And if you happen to have any good pictures you'd like to share, send them with an email.

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