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Bears Bike Barn:

BearJust because we've been riding Harleys just about forever (see about us), that doesn't necessarily mean we're the kind of people you want to do business with.

No, we think we're gonna have to earn your business by being smarter, nicer, friendlier and have the best prices around, too.

So here's what some other folks have said about us - read this while you're trying to make up your mind.

To me, Bears Bike Barn is like your home town country store. He won't sell you anything you don't need.

I moved to the Pacific Northwest 10 years ago and Bear's was the first dealer I went to.  Bear and Shar made me feel comfortable and treated me very fair.  I've been keeping my '68 Sporty running for ten years and Bears has always been there for me. Even if it had nothing to do with motorcycles.

Rob W.

I heard about Bears Bike Barn 6 years ago by some friends who told me if I wanted to be treated honestly and fairy that was the place to go.   Been a steady customer ever since!

Jerry P.

Been going to Bears Bike Barn ever since I got my first Harley! Checked out the other stores, but found the best prices, friendly service and laid back atmosphere at Bears.

Paul S.

Bears Bike Barn has been the main place that I have been buying my bike parts.  I have found Bears to be what I call an old-time motorcycle shop. A place where you are not just money coming through the door. If he has a used part he will look and find it for you, not just charge you for a big-buck new part.

One time I was looking for a part for my '47 Knucklehead.  I ordered it at Bears.  The manufacturer kept back ordering it.   Bear kept right after them, calling them on the phone all the time.  It took two years, but Bear came through with the part for me. He really kept after them.

Through the years Bear and Shar have become special friends to me.  I recommend their shop. Bear can get that part that you need.

Tommy C.

It is rare to find a store of any kind that would rather lose a sale than lie to you. I've seen and heard over and over again that Bear will be honest enough to tell you that instead of an expensive part you think you might need he can sell you a much less expensive item.

Howard B.

Honest dealings, helpful, friendly service ... with an added flavor of humor.  That's the Bears Bike Barn that I know!

Denny D.

Bear is not only honest, upfront and friendly, but will take the time to listen to any problem you may have.  Who does that now-a-days?!?

Mark M.


Here you will find quality service at an honest and affordable price,recommended you read.